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At 2Good2Trade we believe in making sure the cars we sell are of the very best quality so when you buy from us you don’t have to worry about the usual concerns when purchasing a used car.

That’s why every car we sell undergoes an MOT inspection by factory trained technicians. 

Vehicles up to 100,000 miles/10years old at the time of sale come with 3month/3000 mile 2Good2Trade warranty. All 2Good2Trade cars come with a 12 month MOT. As the name of our business indicates, vehicles taken in part-exchanged were formally auctioned or offered to the trade, however the clear roadworthiness of many of the cars led us to believe that we could offer our customers outstanding deals on these quality pre - owned cars.

Vehicles up to 10 years old / 100,000 miles at time of sale

Cover limits

Vehicles up to 5 years old - £500 per claim

Vehicles between 5 and 7 years old - £400 per claim

Vehicles between 7 and 10 years old - £250 per claim

Our Liability

The most we will pay for each individual claim is shown above. This will include VAT in total for each claim. In the event of more than one claim arising during the warranty period, we will only pay up to the total value of the vehicle's purchase price in aggregate. We will not pay the VAT part of any claim if you are registered for VAT.

What is covered

Provided terms and conditions of this policy are fully complied with, the following components and associated labour costs are covered
against mechanical and electrical breakdown.

Any item not specifically mentioned is not covered.

• Braking system

Brake limiter valve, calipers, master cylinder, servo, vacuum pump and wheel cylinders.

• Casings

Engine, final drive, gearbox and transmission casings.

• Consumables

Oil, oil filter, gaskets, brake fluid and antifreeze due to the failure of a covered component.

• Cooling System

Thermostat, thermostat housing, viscous fan coupling and water pump.

• Differential and Driveline

CV joints, cross shafts, crown wheel and pinion, differential, drive shafts, half shafts, pinion carrier bearings, propshaft, sun and planet gears, universal joints, washers and spacers.

• Electrics

Alternator, ignition coil, cooling fan motor, distributor, electronic ignition system and starter motor.

• Engine

Camshaft, camshaft followers, camshaft pulleys, conrods and bearings, crankshaft and bearings, cylinder bores, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, flywheel, gudgeon pins, oil pump, pistons and rings, push rods, rocker assembly, starter ring gear, tappet gear, tensioners, timing belts, timing chains, timing gears, valves and guides.

• Fuel system

Throttle body, chokes, electrical components, fuel pump, fuel gauge and tank sender unit.

• Gearbox

Automatic gearbox internal components, electric governor, manual gearbox internal components, oil cooler, overdrive unit and torque converter.

What is not covered

Whilst you have a high level of warranty cover available, there are certain items which this warranty specifically does not cover and these are listed below:

• Any component not specifically mentioned in the 'What is covered' list.

• Recovery of the vehicle for warranty investigation / repairs. Courtesy / loan cars are not available under any circumstance.

• Any part of a convertible hood mechanism, be it soft or hard top roof

• Any non-factory fitted component, such as an alarm, immobiliser, tracking device. LPG conversion, etc.

• Any part of the air conditioning system, including air con re-gas

• Body components such as strikers, hinges or any component which may require adjustment from time to time.

• Body panels, exterior trim, glass, or paintwork.

• Remote control transmitters, receivers, and key fobs.

• Interior trim including seats and seat belts.

• Recharging of the air conditioning unit, in any event.

• Renewal of brake components due to wear and tear, or failure due to corrosion or seizure.

• The clearing of fuel lines, filters, carburettors and pumps and damage caused to covered components by the use of incorrect or contaminated fuel.

• Airbags, batteries, bulbs, exhaust systems, catalytic convertors, water ingres (including damage to covered parts caused by water), wiper blades, wheel balancing and alignment, wheels and tyres.

• External oil leaks , unless the removal of a major component is required to effect the repair, lubricants, filter elements and any damage caused by frost or lack of antifreeze, impact, accident or

• Traffic management system, satellite navigation system, telephone, TV and associated equipment of all types.

• Radio cassette, CD players or any other in-car entertainment component.

• The gradual reduction in operating performance ( wear and tear) due to the age and mileage of the covered vehicle.

• Normal maintenance services, and the replacement of such items as, but not limited to, spark plugs, plug leads, wiring looms, oils, filters and lubricants.

• Any loss caused directly or indirectly by the claim or the event that caused the claim.

• Burnt out, sticking or pitted valves.

• Damage resulting in the failure of a timing belt which has not been replaced as per the manufacturer's recommendations.

• Any costs related to adjustments or diagnostic work

2Good2Trade have chosen RAC Warranty to upgrade our used car warranites, given you peace of mind from a trusted national brand.

Having chosen RAC Warranty we are licensed to offer the option of their Platinum,Gold & Silver Warranties and this results in every customer receiving the benefit of:

  • Knowing every car is prepared to our 50 point inspection as standard 
  • Every car can be offered with an optional RAC Warranty (additional cost)
  • If selected- a complimentary 3 months Full RAC Breakdown and Recovery Service is included too

With three main levels of cover, RAC can offer you a warranty to suit your needs and your budget.With over 80,000 happy warranty holders in the UK we're sure you'll agree.An RAC Warranty protects all makes and models and can give you the reassurance that you're covered, in the event of something happening to your vehicle.

Warranty Repairs can be Expensive
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